Verhaal: Light in the darkness

10 July 2011
Somewhere where the light does not see the darkness creeps upon my skin.
The void is greater as before but reinviting as a womens womb.
Allthough its fearsome great and powerfull has the urge to fight it, been gone?
Afterall you cannot fight the darkness without knowing what darkness is.

Sick and ill as I lay upon the path of darkness I look around.
I see not much but in the dim faraway light. I spot a candle.
It must be some kind of sign. For it feels like I have wondered here for years.
The candle seemed welcoming after all these time the glow inviting as saying come closer.
As I approach the candle with small movements excitement rushes through me.
Shall I be out of the darkness? Or is there just more darkness ahead?
I see the candle just a few feet away. The candle dimms.. Where has it gone?

I wonder, as I look around. Back in the black darkness again. How did I even come to this place? I ask myself. For I do not know the answer I just awoke and saw nothing anymore. I tend to forget what I have seen. And there again behold I see another light! What might it be? I make another pass at the light far away but it dimms just like the other. Where am I? As I see just glimse of the path ahead I see the light again this time its much closer as before. Bright as a star shining and glowing, warm and inviting. It feels fine and pure like nothing can go wrong anymore.
Without warning I glip inside a big mouth...fear occurs to me, am I being eaten?
I feel pain and starts to feel nothing, numbness in my body.

I have been tricked.

Categorie: Verhalen
Mood: Dark!
Listening to: Libera - orinoco flow