Day 6 The travel to shenyangbei

29 July 2015
Its been a long day yesterday with the travelling and all. With not much sleep to get but thats okay, I wouldnt miss this journey in the world.
I have gained allot of experience just by travelling around in Bejing and seeing all the things with my own eyes.
Sometimes you can't believe your eyes until it actually happens in front of them. Its a whole different world out here.
We slept really great the yoghurt actually helped allot! Didnt expect that. I woke up with my dian dian next to me, that is always the best thing to happen.Today its the most stress full day. We tried to get out of Bejing in to the railway station, it was one of the most hardest experiences, you had to queue to get inside.
After you got inside you had the standard security check of the bags and after the bags, even a full body check by a security girl.
Its one of these moments where you actually wondering what triggered all the checks. After the checks we went to get some food.
Fastfood alla chinese is pretty different its still healthy but different at all. It was 12:15 in the morning and with 25 minutes to spare we tried to check in.I never met a hallway more crowded as that one, as they checked for your ticket to be valid or not. It was the most hardest way to get moving in that crowd. It felt like you had to fight again just to stand where you are. In Netherlands you think its 'veevervoer' with the NS and Arriva at high times. But I guess not much places can beat Bejing.

We arrived at the station in Shenyangbei and Dian's parents where awaiting us at the north gate. They had there own car, which is a really good one. Although the problem with driving in China is everyone drives as a madman and sometimes accidents happen. I am lucky to see them only as hoping that I would not experience one.We went to a good restaurant and sat outside, her dad treated us on wine and dumplings ! 3 different sorts of dumplings.The dumplings are really hard to make.But it looked wonderful once you see the result. Labor in China is pretty cheap in comparison and we discussed, what if these jobs didnt exist, allot of people would be out of a job. We tried to talk and Dian helped allot with the talking and we both tried to get along with her parents. It became half a english lesson for her parents.They are really kind people the most kind I have met in a while. I gave them 6 bottles of beer, which contained the dutch brewery taste. They said dutch beer looked similar to Chinese beer.We shall see what they think of the gifts, but they really loved it.
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