Day 5 the great wall of china and peking duck!

27 July 2015
Dian decided we should visit the great wall, we woke up around 6 am in the morning. Still feeling a little bit tired from the day before.
We went out to get some food in the neighbourhood, there are always stalls , and restaurants around here.
Dian and me got to a small restaurant where they served small bapao (like dimsum, 9 small round bapao looking dimsum) and 2 fried green things, ( half circle cookie) and some soya milk in a dish.( like soup)
The day started as a good day, I had a wet shirt on in the morning and it was pretty relaxed having a wet shirt on in warm weather.
It dried up quickly as we grabbed a bus towarts the platform where the busses for the wall went. Dian and I got off and went to cue in a line.
Dian thought it was the line to the bus , it also was the line for the standing inside the buss. They sell the bus tickets same price for standing.
Only difference is the que line is like half shorter and goes quicker. The bus took around 1 hour to get to the destination but luckily we had a seat by the door.
I sat down on the ground and Dian followed the example. There was a noisy person with a sort of box megaphone idea.
She was the tourguide for the bus, nobody actually paid her, but was talking so much that I wondered if she can keep her voice.
Soo much shouting on the bus. After the busdrive we went out and got the tickets for the great wall, we were one of the first to que there.
The tickets for the great wall and some weird sliding to get up on the hill, of the great wall. After 30 minutes of waiting in the line, we werent even one third of the way.
So we went on walking back and using the walking path to get up the hill. It took us considerably less time as queuing wich was better.
After 10 minutes we actually were on the wall, and the walking of the wall could go on forever considering the 6000 kilometers.
The heat made us both almost pass out so we get on the buss back and slept some in the bus, after we got off we had to charge one of the bus / metro passes.
We got hungry and both of us almost passed out, I didnt know where we went I just followed Dian, eventually it lead towarts lunch.
The lunch consisted of 2 bowls of rice one for the each of us filled with vegetables on top and meat. It's the fastfood for the chinese.
we went to the hotel to rest for 2 hours. After we woke up around 17:00 and had dinner at 18:00 at a good luxurious restaurant. It was a good experience.
One of the better restaurants of the week, it was a little bit pricey but for once in a while its great! Also saw a chef made peking duck in front of me.
Which was a great experience he was a very kind man. In china they prepare everything in front of you. Its a big difference. We met a very nice friend of Dian.
It was her friend who stayed with her from middleschool till university. They know eachother very well.
I am like a english practical test for Dians friends. Everyone tries to speak me. When the dinner almost ended the rain in Bejing became heavy.
Thunderstorms and water is what I can see. I love the fact that we had this great weather thusfar, even though sometimes too warm.
Dian and her girlfriend bought some poncho's and me armed with a umbrella went outside in a famous shopping street.
There we went shopping for a Tshirt which costed me only around 60 RNB. After the tshirt we went on the metro and said our goodbyes and went home.
Like everyday at the end of the day I try to make a blog again.
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