Day 4 Pancakes and hotpot.

26 July 2015
We eat the best pancakes crepes very flat ones. just like in London. They were a bit salted, but great! With a egg on top of it. Also we had some water as drink.The morning started at 08:20 we searched out how to get to the biggest square in front of the forbidden city.
We walked around and Dian had ordered some tickets for the national museum online so we didnt have to que that much. Chinese love to cue! For everything, and also a few of them like to just brake the rules, and get ahead of the rest. For every single line we had to get security checks.
Throwing the bag we had with us through the xray scanner once more. When we finished walking along the square we went ahead and get in the cue line for the
Entrance, after we went ahead the temperature started to rise and our water bottle started to become empty. Some vendor people walk by with ice cream for 2 rnb per piece.
Its equal to 2/7 euro. 0.35 cents. When we finally gotten in the cue line we had to cue again to get inside! Its a cueing horror in China. Later we decided to see the ancient history of China.
It was luckily on the basement floor and it was pretty cool down there. It was one of the hottest day in China. We didnt think much of it but even the chinese stayed inside the museum just for the airco.
As I have learned one thing to save yourself in China, is a working airco. Dian looked up a new time table and we went to a friend of hers. Great person, but I hope her english improves. (because of her uture study in australia)
She couldnt understand allot. We went to the restaurant with her and ate some kinda nekke wervel.prety weird, but the meat was the bottom for our hotpot base.
The food was sooo delicious, we felt refreshed and searched for a taxi to bring us inside the forbidden city. Dian & me ran as quickly as we could with only 3 min to spare we made it inside the forbidden city.
One of the largest structures I have seen in a while. When we went through the city soo many buildings, we look at the most important buildings and went further.
Dian searched up a masseur and we went there for a footbath and a complete massage. (except the legs) Next time we gonna ask the leg as well.
It felt amazing and it was fairly cheap 78rnb, which is equal to around 11 euro.
Dian gave me a choice , food first or food later and Bejing tv tower first.

I picked for food first because after 4-5 hours later since the last meal I became hungry again.
Also we went to a area some famous area to check out some books because bejing tv tower looked us better in the night.
And we had a little time to spare. After the bookstore I found out that books are sooo expensive compared to the food.
It made totally no sense to me. We went for some japan sushi at a grab you can eat restaurant.
The night had fallen and we grabbed the metro to the tower, the metro took us almost there and the bus a km further . only 17 cents.
The tower itself was amazing to look at , it even had a attraction on it, scream yourself and get a DB score on how hard you yell. The pictures and view of it are amazing!
Its one of the best views I have seen in a while. Dian and me took some pictures from it. After that we went home with a cab and slept like a rose.
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