Day 3 - Journey in Peking!

25 July 2015
This day we woke up very early because of the ongoing jetlag , I have no idea how many days you need for adjustments some need 7 others can just go on??? In the morning we decided to go towards the temple. We went to the temple and some people wanted to take a picture with me.We ate some local food before the temple opened. Some bread like substance with Soya milk and some weird buns with green and kinda meat in it. Not the best chinese food but certainly interesting.

After that the temple opened and we burned incense for the buddhist gods. All the people raced inside as crazy to actually try to avoid the queues. What I learned today is that chinese people actually have to queue for the whole day if they want to have things done in Peking. After the temple visit of all the different kind of gods we had a ice coffee in the kfc.The Kfc toilet had a standing toilet which was pretty unsettling for me. I thought that all those toilets didnt exist anymore. Seems like to be the most common thing in China. We went back on the metro to head to the trainway station of peking. This was the most busiest place of peking! they already queued just to get inside the station. Which was pretty long! Everywhere waiting lines. After the retrieval of the ticket we went back in the neighbourhood of the hotel and found a barber. This was a pretty good experience, they cut my hair washed it twice and gave out coffee.
It was a pleasant and pretty cheap experience. around 25 euro for both of us.( friends even told it was pretty expensive normally its around 5 euro for one.) Next we went to the traditional Peking snack restaurant, we had pudding (almond) in sugar milk. Some fried bread with pea cake. and a weird tasting salad. We sleep from 14:00 till half past 4. The temperature went down from 33 to around 25. We went to some friends of Dian dian in a restaurant, they ordered allot of dishes, I remember the sugar bread and liver which tasted like shoarma. The salad was with allot of lemon bit weird tasting like soap. We had shaved beans which tasted pretty good with honey. Also meat on a rack which was a treat but heavily spiced.
After the food, we walked towart the Karaoke bar called 'Melody'. Karaoke in China is a common activity in China! singing with allot of friends for a few hours. You pick as much songs as possible and see who is gonna sing them, it doessnt matter at all if you sing great or just plain bad. Its about having fun with friends. They also had allot of lemonade in the karaoke and we sung together weird songs like the Lion king - can you feel the love tonight. So many songs you can sing on the device. Dian spoke with her friends and shared the gifts they ordered. Its the best experience for Dian and me thus far with her friends in Peking.

I didnt know that the metro already stopped working after 22:00 which seemed for me in a city that seemed to never sleep pretty early. I have to remember its not like NS who goes on for day and night till 1:00. You always have the oppurtunity to call a cab. Which also is pretty cheap, luckily we didn't have to. Her friends brought us back to the Hotel. After we arrived we ate some bbq steak at a local restaurant and some noodle in a bowl. Its very cheap ( all restaurants in china seem to be). We decided to go back to the hotel because we are tired and wash away the dirt from all the roads and smog gained upon our body. The evenings are still pretty warm but better as during the day.
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