3 June 2011
Hello blog!,

Back on track these days , school is going well.. I have been visiting some really nice girl who only lives a block away.
Hoping myheart doesn't get broken. I noticed mostly the problems I caused.
While remembering the mistakes I made in the past. No human is perfect!
But if you don't learn from your mistakes which you made in the past you"re only going to make the same mistakes over again.


Few of my own which I have seen^_^:

  • Lain

  • hellsing

  • gundam wings

  • gundam wings seed

  • gundam zero

  • Naruto (yes I know) but its a good anime just too much fillers. (hate the tards though).

  • Haibane renmei

  • Spirited away

  • Howls castle

  • (everything else ghibli studio made)

  • Mahou sensei negima

  • Wolfs Rain

I have made a list of anime to watch Karolina and Vera helped me with some new nice anime:

  • Clannad

  • Clannad Afterstory

  • Tear drops

  • Gankutsuou

  • Shakugan no Shana

  • Erementar Gerad

  • Grenadier

  • xxxHolic

  • blade of the immortal

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Mood: Addicted to anime oncemore
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