7 May 2011
A strange Road, in a very strange place.
A strange person closes in a very peculiar way.
What a strange way to be walking down this strange road with strange bricks on them.
What a strange approach has been made in a strange way.
I thought in my very own place. Should I allow the stranger to speak or not?
Is what I thought.I let him speak for his strange walk made me wonder in a funny way,
Cause all the things seemed strange and maybe he knows what to say.

He said unto me : "Stranger, thou walks a rather strange path."
I looked at him in a very weird way.As he said the uttermost brilliant thing ever to be said.
The obvious stating in my mind as I had just met.
The strange person collapsed, after saying these words and fell to the ground backwards..
the only thought in my mind crossed; Strange...
So I walked upon the strange road wondering what wonders will come across my path.
but didn't notice that the weird road a strange way...
Walking onwarts didn't make me fall.
No ground underneath the strange road.
Just another road.
I looked below and saw myself.
Looking down upon me, in a very strange way I thought.
Did I ever had this big of a strange head?
While I was thinking that, the world changed in one big whirl.
slurred in a big black hole.
As seen when you are being flushed down a toilet.. and strangely I awoke from my peculiar dream.

Categorie: Gedichten
Mood: Strange
Listening to: The doors - Strange days