Weird memories fainted pasts

22 April 2011
Yes, someday you'll think back when things happened before..
Remembering all the things you did wrong.
Hoping all the bad has died and disappeared, but god.. I made some mistakes.

Never talk to your former friends the one you left for a reason as it may only seem as a bad joke.
I send a mail to a person from my former life.
She has her own problems ,but for some reason I had to send it.
Not because of the message she had put up on-line ,
Hell I didn"t even know it was put up there.

Merely coincidence. more of the LiveJournal statement.
Although it was on my mind for a while, but you cant always know whats going on by reading journals on various sites.
She is a strong person and I know she can deal with it her own way.
I felt sorry for her , wanted to let her know that she is not alone out there in this world.

To one of the mentally strongest persons out there. Do not forget this.
You"re one of the strongest in this world,
I have yet to see, mentally and physically.
Do not forget what I have said,


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