29 July 2015
Its been a long day yesterday with the travelling and all. With not much sleep to get but thats okay, I wouldnt miss this journey in the world.
I have gained allot of experience just by travelling around in Bejing and seeing all the things with my own eyes.
Sometimes you can't believe your eyes until it actually happens in front of them. Its a whole different world out here.
We slept really great the yoghurt actually helped allot! Didnt expect that. I woke up with my dian dian next to me, that is always the best thing to happen.Today its the most stress full day. We tried to get out of Bejing in to the railway station, it was one of the most hardest experiences, you had to queue to get inside.
After you got inside you had the standard security check of the bags and after the bags, even a full body check by a security girl.
Its one of these moments where you actually wondering what triggered all the checks. After the checks we went to get some food.
Fastfood alla chinese is pretty different its still healthy but different at all. It was 12:15 in the morning and with 25 minutes to spare we tried to check in.I never met a hallway more crowded as that one, as they checked for your ticket to be valid or not. It was the most hardest way to get moving in that crowd. It felt like you had to fight again just to stand where you are. In Netherlands you think its 'veevervoer' with the NS and Arriva at high times. But I guess not much places can beat Bejing.

We arrived at the station in Shenyangbei and Dian's parents where awaiting us at the north gate. They had there own car, which is a really good one. Although the problem with driving in China is everyone drives as a madman and sometimes accidents happen. I am lucky to see them only as hoping that I would not experience one.We went to a good restaurant and sat outside, her dad treated us on wine and dumplings ! 3 different sorts of dumplings.The dumplings are really hard to make.But it looked wonderful once you see the result. Labor in China is pretty cheap in comparison and we discussed, what if these jobs didnt exist, allot of people would be out of a job. We tried to talk and Dian helped allot with the talking and we both tried to get along with her parents. It became half a english lesson for her parents.They are really kind people the most kind I have met in a while. I gave them 6 bottles of beer, which contained the dutch brewery taste. They said dutch beer looked similar to Chinese beer.We shall see what they think of the gifts, but they really loved it.
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27 July 2015
Dian decided we should visit the great wall, we woke up around 6 am in the morning. Still feeling a little bit tired from the day before.
We went out to get some food in the neighbourhood, there are always stalls , and restaurants around here.
Dian and me got to a small restaurant where they served small bapao (like dimsum, 9 small round bapao looking dimsum) and 2 fried green things, ( half circle cookie) and some soya milk in a dish.( like soup)
The day started as a good day, I had a wet shirt on in the morning and it was pretty relaxed having a wet shirt on in warm weather.
It dried up quickly as we grabbed a bus towarts the platform where the busses for the wall went. Dian and I got off and went to cue in a line.
Dian thought it was the line to the bus , it also was the line for the standing inside the buss. They sell the bus tickets same price for standing.
Only difference is the que line is like half shorter and goes quicker. The bus took around 1 hour to get to the destination but luckily we had a seat by the door.
I sat down on the ground and Dian followed the example. There was a noisy person with a sort of box megaphone idea.
She was the tourguide for the bus, nobody actually paid her, but was talking so much that I wondered if she can keep her voice.
Soo much shouting on the bus. After the busdrive we went out and got the tickets for the great wall, we were one of the first to que there.
The tickets for the great wall and some weird sliding to get up on the hill, of the great wall. After 30 minutes of waiting in the line, we werent even one third of the way.
So we went on walking back and using the walking path to get up the hill. It took us considerably less time as queuing wich was better.
After 10 minutes we actually were on the wall, and the walking of the wall could go on forever considering the 6000 kilometers.
The heat made us both almost pass out so we get on the buss back and slept some in the bus, after we got off we had to charge one of the bus / metro passes.
We got hungry and both of us almost passed out, I didnt know where we went I just followed Dian, eventually it lead towarts lunch.
The lunch consisted of 2 bowls of rice one for the each of us filled with vegetables on top and meat. It's the fastfood for the chinese.
we went to the hotel to rest for 2 hours. After we woke up around 17:00 and had dinner at 18:00 at a good luxurious restaurant. It was a good experience.
One of the better restaurants of the week, it was a little bit pricey but for once in a while its great! Also saw a chef made peking duck in front of me.
Which was a great experience he was a very kind man. In china they prepare everything in front of you. Its a big difference. We met a very nice friend of Dian.
It was her friend who stayed with her from middleschool till university. They know eachother very well.
I am like a english practical test for Dians friends. Everyone tries to speak me. When the dinner almost ended the rain in Bejing became heavy.
Thunderstorms and water is what I can see. I love the fact that we had this great weather thusfar, even though sometimes too warm.
Dian and her girlfriend bought some poncho's and me armed with a umbrella went outside in a famous shopping street.
There we went shopping for a Tshirt which costed me only around 60 RNB. After the tshirt we went on the metro and said our goodbyes and went home.
Like everyday at the end of the day I try to make a blog again.
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26 July 2015
We eat the best pancakes crepes very flat ones. just like in London. They were a bit salted, but great! With a egg on top of it. Also we had some water as drink.The morning started at 08:20 we searched out how to get to the biggest square in front of the forbidden city.
We walked around and Dian had ordered some tickets for the national museum online so we didnt have to que that much. Chinese love to cue! For everything, and also a few of them like to just brake the rules, and get ahead of the rest. For every single line we had to get security checks.
Throwing the bag we had with us through the xray scanner once more. When we finished walking along the square we went ahead and get in the cue line for the
Entrance, after we went ahead the temperature started to rise and our water bottle started to become empty. Some vendor people walk by with ice cream for 2 rnb per piece.
Its equal to 2/7 euro. 0.35 cents. When we finally gotten in the cue line we had to cue again to get inside! Its a cueing horror in China. Later we decided to see the ancient history of China.
It was luckily on the basement floor and it was pretty cool down there. It was one of the hottest day in China. We didnt think much of it but even the chinese stayed inside the museum just for the airco.
As I have learned one thing to save yourself in China, is a working airco. Dian looked up a new time table and we went to a friend of hers. Great person, but I hope her english improves. (because of her uture study in australia)
She couldnt understand allot. We went to the restaurant with her and ate some kinda nekke wervel.prety weird, but the meat was the bottom for our hotpot base.
The food was sooo delicious, we felt refreshed and searched for a taxi to bring us inside the forbidden city. Dian & me ran as quickly as we could with only 3 min to spare we made it inside the forbidden city.
One of the largest structures I have seen in a while. When we went through the city soo many buildings, we look at the most important buildings and went further.
Dian searched up a masseur and we went there for a footbath and a complete massage. (except the legs) Next time we gonna ask the leg as well.
It felt amazing and it was fairly cheap 78rnb, which is equal to around 11 euro.
Dian gave me a choice , food first or food later and Bejing tv tower first.

I picked for food first because after 4-5 hours later since the last meal I became hungry again.
Also we went to a area some famous area to check out some books because bejing tv tower looked us better in the night.
And we had a little time to spare. After the bookstore I found out that books are sooo expensive compared to the food.
It made totally no sense to me. We went for some japan sushi at a grab you can eat restaurant.
The night had fallen and we grabbed the metro to the tower, the metro took us almost there and the bus a km further . only 17 cents.
The tower itself was amazing to look at , it even had a attraction on it, scream yourself and get a DB score on how hard you yell. The pictures and view of it are amazing!
Its one of the best views I have seen in a while. Dian and me took some pictures from it. After that we went home with a cab and slept like a rose.
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25 July 2015
This day we woke up very early because of the ongoing jetlag , I have no idea how many days you need for adjustments some need 7 others can just go on??? In the morning we decided to go towards the temple. We went to the temple and some people wanted to take a picture with me.We ate some local food before the temple opened. Some bread like substance with Soya milk and some weird buns with green and kinda meat in it. Not the best chinese food but certainly interesting.

After that the temple opened and we burned incense for the buddhist gods. All the people raced inside as crazy to actually try to avoid the queues. What I learned today is that chinese people actually have to queue for the whole day if they want to have things done in Peking. After the temple visit of all the different kind of gods we had a ice coffee in the kfc.The Kfc toilet had a standing toilet which was pretty unsettling for me. I thought that all those toilets didnt exist anymore. Seems like to be the most common thing in China. We went back on the metro to head to the trainway station of peking. This was the most busiest place of peking! they already queued just to get inside the station. Which was pretty long! Everywhere waiting lines. After the retrieval of the ticket we went back in the neighbourhood of the hotel and found a barber. This was a pretty good experience, they cut my hair washed it twice and gave out coffee.
It was a pleasant and pretty cheap experience. around 25 euro for both of us.( friends even told it was pretty expensive normally its around 5 euro for one.) Next we went to the traditional Peking snack restaurant, we had pudding (almond) in sugar milk. Some fried bread with pea cake. and a weird tasting salad. We sleep from 14:00 till half past 4. The temperature went down from 33 to around 25. We went to some friends of Dian dian in a restaurant, they ordered allot of dishes, I remember the sugar bread and liver which tasted like shoarma. The salad was with allot of lemon bit weird tasting like soap. We had shaved beans which tasted pretty good with honey. Also meat on a rack which was a treat but heavily spiced.
After the food, we walked towart the Karaoke bar called 'Melody'. Karaoke in China is a common activity in China! singing with allot of friends for a few hours. You pick as much songs as possible and see who is gonna sing them, it doessnt matter at all if you sing great or just plain bad. Its about having fun with friends. They also had allot of lemonade in the karaoke and we sung together weird songs like the Lion king - can you feel the love tonight. So many songs you can sing on the device. Dian spoke with her friends and shared the gifts they ordered. Its the best experience for Dian and me thus far with her friends in Peking.

I didnt know that the metro already stopped working after 22:00 which seemed for me in a city that seemed to never sleep pretty early. I have to remember its not like NS who goes on for day and night till 1:00. You always have the oppurtunity to call a cab. Which also is pretty cheap, luckily we didn't have to. Her friends brought us back to the Hotel. After we arrived we ate some bbq steak at a local restaurant and some noodle in a bowl. Its very cheap ( all restaurants in china seem to be). We decided to go back to the hotel because we are tired and wash away the dirt from all the roads and smog gained upon our body. The evenings are still pretty warm but better as during the day.
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24 July 2015


Packing all the stuff at Dian's place preparing for a 3 week long vacation heading to all kinds of places with out first destination being Dubai! Dian wanted to see the city of famous riches. The city Dubai in the middle of the desert united arabic emirates.
Linear time line we grabbed our bags and went walking for 20 - 40 minutes. we barely catched the train at Veenendaal centrum.
The bags weire inmensely heavy. 23.6 kg. Next we waited at the airport and dropped the bags at the custom area.
we grabbed some macdonalds food. this was because Dian and I weire hungry in a bite.
After eating 2/3rd of macdonalds food we went to boarding. a room with a few rows of seats and long conveyer belts come to my mind.
15 min of walking to actually get to the gate , flying with the aircompany Emirates.

My experience in flying in economy class has been a pleasant one just sitting in a chair relaxing with movies in front of you.
You get food and get treated by the waitresses after 6 hours of listening to movies or just looking at the 3 outside camera's of the airplane.


The plane landed. we arrived around 0:30 local time in Dubai. After that we took a taxi to the hotel. This is one of my first experiences with taxis, keep polite and just let the driver drive.
everything in Dubai was airconditioned , its only when you are standing outside you are like being hit by a wave of heat in your face. After 5 minutes you are sweating to death.
The desert has led me to a new experience of inmense heat and wanting to go back to that once ventilated room. Still I feel like Dubai is the money rich region which is existing because of the oil.
In the morning we had breakfast at our hotel place. The breakfast was different as I was used to.
More different kind of fruits and no bread. After eating citrus fruit and some naan like bread and hot potato like mash we went out in the city. Hit by the heat again. Our first mission was to get water.
After that we went on the metro and we tried to get day passes. And we tried to get to the mosque but the time was to late and we took a buss to internet city. and we got to a market called someting Souk and we took pictures of a famous landmark in the sea.
This has costed us around 3 hours. We ate some ice cream coffee at a local market. And after we went back with the buss on the metro to go to Marinat shopping mall to visit and see.

We took the metro to checkout the Tram line sight seeing all the tall buildings in Dubai. After the cruising we went to the Dubai Museum to checkout all the localities.
After visiting the museum and being approached to buy fake rolexes from a local person we went to the Dubai Mall the mall Itself is one of the greatest Malls I have ever visited.
A sight spectacular as seen before. 3 -4 floors of hundreds of different shops, larger as any I can imagine.

We went shopping there for 3-4 hours until around 22:30 we saw the Dubai fountain show outside, it was inmense to watch. A spectaculair of water.
Dian got hungry, and we took a small snack to go with us. After that we had to rush to grab the last metro's because after 0:00 the metro's are almost all stopped.
We arrived at the hotel around 0:10 and grabbed our suitcase which has stowed there. After that we ran back and had to rebuy a ticket for the last metro to the airport.
Dian and I had luck to catch one of the last metro's leaving for the Airport. the other Metro line had completely stopped already.

After we arrived at 0:37 at the aiport and we had just enough money and time to be within the 24 hour limit.
our big suitcase was back! remembring it was heavy I didnt like the suitcase at all.

We ate the meal consisting of small wraps (2x) and some fries on our seats and I toke pictures of some ranom arabic people, because we don't see the white arabic clothes that often.
After the meal we tried to checkin and dump our luggage, we weire lucky because we had a free upgrade! Lady asked our class and we weire like we are economy class, and upgraded us in Business class!
I asked where I could post some stamp cards, and she said there is a post office at gate C16 which was 20 minutes walking from where we are , and if you had enough time you should do it.

So on top of all the walking that day we walked all the way to gate C16. Dian looked for some Coach bags for a friend but couldnt find the similar one.
After walking back and hopping on the elevator we got to our gates by means of Airport tram. On the A gates, also a new shoppin mall appeared in front of our eyes.
I was amazed by the amount of shopping malls in the world at this point. Dian wanted to look for cosmetics and I hopped with tired as I was. Nothing else to do afterall.

After 20 minutes and Dian deciding to get a Eye Brow thing (Not eyeliner) no idea what the difference is. Our gate was announced to be opening.
This was a happy moment because I was tired and excited. So happy also because we could sit in our chairs at a bussines class seat! So luxe.

The plane took off and Dian got some hot milk , we had a onboard flight meal (simple) one and went to sleep. I wanted to watch Deus Machina and Chappy.
Also I took a picture of the himalaya as we flew next to it. Sooo big an inmense the mountains are soo long and the experience was inmense.
Dian needed the sleep more so I didnt wake her. After that I fell asleep for maybe a hour . Actually sleeping on a flying plane is pretty hard.


We landed in China and take the airport tram to the terminal, the suitcase has been opened to check what is inside. The 6 dutch beers I toke from Netherlands seemed to be still intact. Good packaging and allot of bubble wrap.
Dian grabbed a Simcard for china (1 month deal) which seemed pretty cheap. 8 euro and cancel at any given time. After that we went to the Hotel by Metro which took us
around a hour. going from 40 - 30 degrees made a big difference. As in how long you can walk outside. Bejing is really big and having travelled that far.
I feel like we had almost meals for every 5 hours, but thats the life of a planetraveller.

Losing the grip of what is the current time and my own internal clock I have the feeling I should adaptas quickly as possible to the new change of the timezone. We dropped our luggage and slept for around 2 -3 hours at the hotel.
After we slept Dian was hungry I didnt notice at first but was also pretty hungry so on to our first snack, meal. We ordered some dumplings and some vegetables. Only 5 euro what is in netherlands 20 - 60 euro!
This must be what china is all about the food and all the different kinds of it. I have the feeling after eating and seeing all the things here I won't be the same again (in a good way).
We walked for 20 - 40 minutes around the streets of Bejing to visit a local area. We saw so many street performers and allot of Karaoke singers who sang at the bars.

Dian got tired and me aswell so we went to the hotel back, walkin again across all the local teabars shops and all the different kind of little shops towarts the hotel.
At night around 20:00 and later it seemed to be a great temperature to live in Bejing , it feels like a summer day in the netherlands.

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2 July 2015
Arriva doet weer eens gezellig mee.
Het doet er alles aan.
Een buurt vol kwajongens,
elke keer weer de ruiten kapot.

Arriva een dichtlof aan jou,
op snel reageren, en snelle treinen.
elke dag in de volle trein
Koel, maar toch oh zo fijn

Arriva alles oh zo beter..
Als er maar geen NS zou zijn.

~ Jasper

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