4 June 2014
everything is fine, I ate spaghetti today!
Dian is on skype with me asking what I do.
I type allot, and a cow says moo!
It's a tuesday! That's not true, actually a monday, wait... wednesday!
just a few more days before I go see my Dian Dian again.

Programming, working, loving and caring. Cooking and daring.
Planning and fairing. Allot of Daring from my side.
I know I have to plan I know I have to fight!
It's the start, to pick up the heavy sword thats hard.
After my armor is geared up im ready to go in!

I love cupcakes.
Now lets begin!


Categorie: Persoonlijk
Mood: Nom nom nom nom nom nom.
Listening to: Bakermat Final Mixtape Vol. III 2014 (Free Download)