4 May 2014
As I sit down on the hotelroom next to the Tv lounge on a pc in a corner of the hotel of Coraigh,
accompanied by a lovely girl named Claire. the time itself ticks away while listening to amazing stories and great music.
allthough it has been a while since I posted something on this blog, it doess'nt really matter.
Like some writers say its about the words you have to say and not about the amount of posting.
Allthough that might be handy if you're actually a regular writer.
I had a amazing day today during the irish dancing and singing.
It was a fullfilling worthwhile day. allthough I think I lost my voice.

ah well its sunday and we are having a great time here in Ireland.
Maybe its the irish curse of good luck that is helping me.

To actually write all the stories and everything that has happened.
I don't have the time for that You might want to ask that later though.
I made a picture record of almost everything that happened to me. (mental note)
If I forget anything it might be in the pictures.
Categorie: Persoonlijk
Mood: Good but tired
Listening to: Piano no mori - Main Theme