8 July 2013

Own creations made with Finale 2011.
Just because I felt like creating something with notes.
I wanted to learn to make some classical music.
Something a melody stuck in my head.
It issnt as fully as I intended.
But thats sometimes the same feeling with Painting, or creating a song.
I start somewhere and I make allot of tryouts.
Alter it and see how it can eventually make into something thats as close as my mind can make it sound like the sound thats actually coming out of my mind.
Because I hear the sound like a orchestra being played in my mind.
But to actually note it down. Is like choosing a pallet of colors, and really know how to finetune the pallet.
Eventually you get a feeling for it but its a learning proces.

Celestial Winds - Pavane

Categorie: Muziek & Gedachten
Mood: Happy =)
Listening to: Juno Reactor - Masters Of The Universe