10 February 2013
Well for some reason I didn't start it but there was a big fat yellow unicorn who was playing game like perfect world his name was "big fat yellow unwanted corn".
He played a new class called "Corn" which basically could just stand and Deal damage with Corn-bits.
It was a amazing MMORPG called "Perfect food!" where you could kill human beings because they don't like food.

Well the unicorn was really unwanted in the game, but he has to go to the gym but its cold outside. So he grabs his coat with his hoofs.
Well atleast tries to and falls down on the floor. He wanted to stand up, dazed as he was..
He felt like a big fat yellow unicorn. Realizing how he was, he wanted to go work out!
But the unicorn doessnt like the cold outside. So he remembers that the coat is still hanging.
He tries to stand up , strumbles and barks. And he streches his legs and finally gets in a stand up looking position.

Squeeky the squirrel his beloved wife, gave him a hug and he went off in the dark.
Trying to get his car started. But offcourse the car doessnt work! Because he bought a panda (not the brand).
Just a panda. And you have to know one thing about panda's they are LAZY! So never buy one.

But Squeeky made the unicorn buy one. And he was too poor to get food for the panda so in the end the panda died of starvation, poor panda.
So there he was in the dark forgetting that his car has died. He tries to run to the gym but the gym is too far..
He tries to get a car to stop but he looked to fat and unattractive to get attention.
Eventually he had to take a bus. Because no taxi's wanted to bring him, cause he stank too much and drank liquor.
So he was on this buss with a giraffe and a Bull. But they didn't pay attention to him, The bull was wearing a overcoat and the giraffe was just goofy looking.
He just smiled, but they both smirked at the sight of the unicorn.

How he ever managed to sit down on a bus seat don't ask me he just could. Cause he was amazing like that.
Special unicorn seats. a dark looking figure came on the bus, he was very woolly and tried to sit upon the unicorn.
Normally he wouldn't care cause his wife was a small squirrel. and they had amazing sex BTW! but hey that's just between them.
but this one was just a annoying black type. You know what type steps on the bus. Sometimes you just want to avoid it.
But hey, he throw off the black rat of his back. The rat fell down and punched the unicorn in the stomach. The unicorn threw up his sandwich and fish he ate for dinner. He really loved the fish, but they hadn't had any money so he had to resort by eating his own fish. So he punched the Rat back, the rat landed in the back of the bus where the bull was seated he Sniffed loudly and dint want to do anything with the fight. He shouted:" Guys god-damn , can't you guys fight outside?" He looked more angry this time, cause he had a bad hair day, never talk to a bull when he has a bad hair day. Well never talk to a bull anyway, cause you might be hallucinating as a bull would never talk normally. But in this case it happened. He became more angry as he noticed the rat was trying to steal his luggage and already had 20 dollar in his paw.
The bull became enraged , threw the rat to the front with one slap of his hoof.

The Unicorn laughed, and quickly became the target of the bull as his rage hasn't subsided.
The bus stopped and the bull and the unicorn where launched to the back.
The giraffe looked at the sight, and quickly ran off the buss, as the doors opened.
The bull shouted:" Screw this guys, fight outside... I got a wife and kids at home to think about. xD"
He grabbed both the rat, grabbed the 20 dollar from his claws. And thrown them out of the bus.
As the big bull set down the bus started to ride away.
The rat looked at the unicorn, grabbed a button from the Unicorn shirt and ran off.
The unicorn looked everywhere but no light was sighted nearby.
Where am I? was his thought. What happened? I'm hungry, was all he could think.
And I leave that for now.

Never piss off a bull on a bus.
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